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“I am a big fan of this platform. Extraordinarily useful for a more detailed street than StreetMix.  It’s helped our city immensely.”

-- Alexander Brown, AICP, Transportation Coordinator, City of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin   World's Best Cross-Section Rightsizing Tool

Design Complete Streets for Free , with best-practice guidance from ITE and CNU


Thousands use our free drag & drop icons to create Livable, Complete Streets in just minutes.  StreetPlan analyzes your design as you make it, giving you Red Yellow Green Best Practice guidance from “Designing Walkable Thoroughfares,” a joint publication of the Institute of Transportation Engineers and the Congress for New Urbanism (ITE and CNU). You can also start from templates designed by NACTO.

Create Before / After Designs

Stroad vs Livable Boulevard Vertical Slider

StreetPlan vs StreetMix

  • Context Wizard ensures Red / Yellow / Green guidance is based on ITE / CNU best practices

  • NAACTO templates and user uploaded templates

  • Huge library of realistic, accurately sized, overlapping icons offer far more flexibility in design

  • Target speed limits, choice of backgrounds, large editable labels

  • Right-Click copy/paste and Copy left side to right side reduces development time

  • Designed by professional engineers and urban planners (vs code-writing hobbyists) 

  • Multiple alternatives in same view for stakeholder debate; Plan-ready professional graphics 

  • Completely Free (vs StreetMix paid subscription for modest enhancements)

StreetMix is well known, largely because it has been out there for longer.  StreetPlan is similar to Streetmix, but has a lot more capacity to craft what you want with impressive graphics.  Once you're good, you can render almost anything in just minutes.  We provide videos and popup guidance to help you master it faster.  For complex scenes, we have found that sometimes it is best to screenshot at 90%, then do the last 10% in graphic editing software.


Features, Use Cases and Testimonials

Red / Yellow / Green Best Practice Guidance For...

  • Vehicle Lane Widths

  • Bike Lane Widths

  • Median Widths

  • Setback Widths

  • Sidewalk Widths

  • Pedestrian Buffer Zones

  • Overall Pedestrian Realm

  • Parallel Parking Widths

  • Angle Parking Widths

  • Parking + Bike Lane Widths

  • Context Speed Limits

  • Total # of Vehicle Lanes

Hundreds of Tiles to Build With...

  • Paving/Landscape Materials

  • Pavement Symbols

  • Bike / Ped Features

  • Streetscape / Furniture

  • Planters, Trees, Landscapes

  • Vehicle / Freight styles

  • Buses, Streetcars, Rail

  • Many parking options

  • Speed limits, Lighting

  • Commercial Sign Contexts

  • Land Use Contexts

  • General “Sky” Backgrounds

  • Prior to StreetPlan, one community spent $12,000 in consultant fees, then waited over a month only to get “underwhelming” cross-section renderings. Shortly after discovering StreetPlan, they redesigned the same cross-sections, with no consultant assistance, and had something they liked better in about an hour, for free! 

  • Several communities have required their staff & consultants to use StreetPlan on many of their Complete Street design projects. Dozens of public meetings have occurred were StreetPlan was used.

  • Architects like StreetPlan for quickly sketching many concepts, and allowing stakeholders to modify those concepts during meetings. They then create 3D renderings from the short-list of favorites.

  • City staff are sketching typical sections and project ideas, then printing directly for inclusion in corridor plans and master plans.

  • Community groups are sketching what they want, rallying support, and taking their ideas to those with the power to do something about it.

  • College professors are using StreetPlan in urban planning classes

SP Features

How can StreetPlan help you?

Public-Sector Planners

  • Gain quick consensus on what stakeholders want

  • Depict low-cost “tactical upgrades,” then later phases of transition.

  • Create typical section standards for new streets

  • Save time/money with do-it-yourself high-res graphics for docs, meetings

  • Hire architects & engineers for 3D, after agreeing on basic elements.

  • Get public feedback on your ideas

  • Create excitement for Complete Streets and Sustainable Development

  • Encourage consultants to use StreetPlan for your plans and corridor studies

Architects and Consultants

  • Gain competitive advantage with StreetPlan's “free and fast” renderings

  • Real-time stakeholder engagement, on-line or at meetings

  • Once stakeholders unify around a smaller set of ideas, create higher-quality 3D renderings in your normal way.

  • Sketch your neighborhood’s ugly, fast streets, then sketch what you’d do to improve the situation.  Then rally your neighbors to city hall!

Concerned Citizens

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Is StreetPlan Really Free?  YES!

  • It is FREE! As in, no strings attached. If you like it, you’ll need to register to save your work, but we won’t spam you endlessly or pass your email on to others. Our sponsors may send an occasional notice about new tools, methods, or enhancements to this site, but they will not abuse you.  

Designed for PC or Laptop

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Special Thanks to StreetPlan's Public Partners

The StreetPlan tool was first envisioned by a Complete Street consortium of agencies in Utah, who each contributed seed funding to get it started:

Special Thanks to StreetPlan's Private Partners

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