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Consultant Aiming to Win?
We'll Strengthen Your Case!

Challenging Problems?

Meet Fresh Ideas!

Government agencies are issuing RFPs and RFQs to:

  • Catalyze walkable economic development

  • Convert ugly Stroads into a Livable Streets

  • Reduce Climate Change and Social Inequity

  • Reduce serious congestion

  • Attract more riders to transit

  • Reduce or eliminate the need for freeway expansion​​

  • Are you in government? See how we can help you!

Our bag of tricks is deeper than most.  We are leading cutting-edge research and best practice guidebooks for the Transportation Research Board.  We discover solutions that others miss. We have no "brick and mortar" rent payments (i.e. low overhead) and we don't bait and switch (i.e. promise a serious innovator but give you a college grad).  Bring us in as advisors or idea generators for a tiny fraction of what other subconsultants would normally charge.  Review our website and the list below to see our strengths. 

Bring us on for:

  • Fast and affordable cross-section development

  • Right-sizing solutions for specific Stroad-like corridors (See how we kill Stroads!)

  • Transportation and land use concepts that catalyze walkable development (7D Framework)

  • Innovative, people and climate-friendly ways to reduce congestion

  • Unique and cost-effective strategies for increasing transit ridership (See 8F strategies!)

  • Strategies to reduce the case for freeway expansion

    • Maybe even downsize or convert to Walkable Boulevards

As they say, "It's Just Lunch"

We know you don't know us.  We're new as of 2022, but we hope we have the edge you need to win!  Feel free to contact us if you suspect we might have the right stuff to help nudge out your competition, but no worries if you conclude it isn't a good fit.  Tell us why you're interested in us and we'll be very honest with you about what we're good at and not so good at.  Also clients we're credentialed with and those who've never met us.

If you confide in us about an upcoming opportunity that we were not aware of, we will not attempt to prime it ahead of you and we will be exclusive to your team if you decide to include us, even if for tiny roles.  Ping us to schedule a brief phone call or video call. 

We will listen to your situation.

We will give you free and fresh ideas.

We've got the "secret sauce" that can put your team over the top! Reach out and we'll do "virtual lunch" to see if you agree!

We're fast at, and we know best practice standards!  Let us help you make great Before / After visuals

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