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Travel Demand Modeling Tutorials

It is very difficult to learn Cube-Voyager without a model and "how to" videos.  Below you can download the St. George, Utah travel demand model, and then watch various YouTube videos where you can "push the same buttons that I do" and thereby learn some things about Cube Voyager. The tutorials presume you have access to the software.  It is free to student and educators who can prove they qualify (either by an ".edu" email address, or a student / professor ID). 

Caveat: Tutorials are present by me (Mike Brown), and I haven't worked with Cube's Application Manager (the flow chart) very much, as the model I'm most familiar with uses direct ASCII files.  There are many other aspects of Cube and modeling where I'm rusty or never learned much in the first place, but these can help you get started.

Videos Blurry?  Go to settings on YouTube, Quality, then choose up to 1080 pixels.  

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