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Ours is a
High Bar

If you're an Urban Olympian, let's talk!


We are a cooperative of the most ambitious and accomplished "Urban Innovators" in the field.  With "Innovators" in our name, our brand depends on clients agreeing that our members are truly innovative and topnotch at solving problems and bringing them innovation that they rarely see elsewhere. If we are merely "average," we lie about our brand.


We rarely hire someone in the traditional way, but we are always interested in self-starters with an entrepreneurial spirit and a proven track record.   Our members work from home offices.  We have an innovative, low-overhead structure.  Our members do not earn salaries.  We accept greater risks and responsibility in trade for more freedom, flexibility, and earning potential. 


If you have a formula for high billability, or if you can build such a formula through synergy with our other members, then our low-overhead structure means you'll probably earn more per hour worked than you would at a typical job.  But you could also earn less per hour than your salaried peers if your strategies for securing work prove not as effective as you had hoped.

We help our members get the best of both worlds:  the benefits of networking, marketing, brand recognition, and economies of scale (like at long-established firms), while also offering reduced overhead and less bureaucracy (the benefits of freelancing).  

If you know one of us already, ask them about us.  Or you can email, call, or text Mike Brown, the founder.

It could work out...

  • if your situation allows it,

  • if we think you're a good fit,

  • if you want to change the world,

  • if you are crazy enough to think that you can!

Mountain Ridge


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