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Rail and Transit:  Heavy rail, light rail, streetcars, buses, microtransit circulators.  "Rev" means "Reverse" of what is normally expected on that side of the road.  Example: left side is usually front view, but rev allows you to show rear view. (Good for England, frontage roads, one-way streets, and other cases).  These tiles are usually in the Background when layering.


Transit Foreground Options: Transit often shares a lane with other things.  Place these objects in the foreground to help communicate your idea.


Transit Lane Descriptors:  Below are descriptors you can place on the lane to describe the main message you want to communicate about the lane.


Business Access + Transit

Right Turn + Emergency / Transit + Driveways

Low Spd Veh / Neigh. Elec. Veh.

High Occupant or Toll

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