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Summary of "Placemaking Alternative Intersection" research underway for the North Carolina Department of Transportation.


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What is a Quadrant Intersection?

Instead of managing lefts directly at the main intersection, a Quadrant redirects those movements along a back-way path as shown here.  Notice that vehicles on the red path have no out-of-direction travel.  Those following the blue path have some out-of-direction, but even they are likely to get to where they’re going quicker due to less congestion.  Former left-turn lanes can now be converted into planted medians with trees and pedestrian refuge areas in the middle of cross-walks.  The Quadrant backway improves access and visibility for parcels along that backway, adding value to that land and making it attractive for mixed-use development.  There are many variations of this idea, such as a four-quadrant system that converts blue paths into red paths, but this diagram is a good start.

Concepts in Greenville: Quadrants at Arlington and Evans

The series of sliders below show Before / After for the four Quadrant intersection at Arlington Blvd and Evans Street.

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