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 Night Lights

   If You Build It, Will They Come?   

Hope to convert languishing auto-oriented areas into walkable activity centers?  The market will not respond if it is too congested or unattractive.  We created a "Development Scale Calculator" to help you craft concepts that remove barriers to mixed-use.  The Stroad below not only repels mixed-uses, but it is also overly congested even at low densities.  This means economic development will be tiny, even if you improve walkability.

Converting it to a Quadrant Intersection not only improves the multimodal environment, but it also functions well at high densities.  Before, it could handle only 3,700 vehicles per hour. After, it handles 5,700 - a 50% increase!  This is important because walkable development in the suburbs still generates high vehicle trips, so you need a "drive slower, travel faster" system that can handle high volumes, or economic development will be limited. 


In this case, the 50% increased capacity, combined with multimodal features, allows the Floor Area Ratio (FAR, or density) to increase by 4x!  That will offset 350 acres of sprawl and 10-miles of general infrastructure.  Well worth the investment!  Learn more about this calculator here, and contact us for free consultation!

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