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Top Ten Reasons to Be an Urban Innovator

Urban Innovators are people who don’t fit the 40-hour, 8-to-5 “employee” mold.  Our platform is for serious A-players who don’t wait for instructions but are ambitiously creating next-generation instruction manuals.  It rewards those who invest 60-hr weeks into their careers (their favorite “hobby”), but it also works for those with other responsibilities such as university professors, retirees, freelancers, and work-from-home parents. 

Our platform is for highly disciplined achievers who could probably make it as freelancers, but fear the paperwork, expense, learning curve, isolation, weak brand recognition, and lack of complementary talent associated with starting a personal business. We are companies of one, within one company – independent individuals, but also interdependent. We are professionals with our own formulas for success, and no “boss” other than our own clients – and our clients include each other!  We band together for the synergy of collaboration, strength in numbers, brand recognition, and reduced overhead costs.  The Urban Innovator platform reduces paperwork for would-be freelancers seeking a more libertarian work experience.  It gives us tools to work with other A-players to make cities better.  Plus, you can get paid well for doing it!  

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At Urban Innovators, you benefit from the value you produce!

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