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Big Ideas and Game-Changing Innovations!


How to Turn Stroads into Livable Streets

Stroads are bad, but how can you make them more livable when they must carry 40,000+ vehicles per day!  Find out!


Missing Middle of Vehicles: Golf Carts and Tiny Cars

See how Low Energy Alternative Networks (LEAN networks) can catalyze "Less auto-oriented" development.


How to Convince Your Region to Invest $Billions for Complete Streets

Do this and no longer will Complete Streets play second fiddle to freeway and rail mega-projects.

C4-M, Urban Mixed-Use_edited.jpg

7D's of Placemaking That Reduce VMT

Density, Diversity, Design, Destinations, Distance from Transit, Demographics, and Demand Management all form a framework for efficiency!


Another 7D's of Mobility Management

Design, Divert, Deduct, Delete, Dynamic, Direct, and Deal!  These form a strong framework for cost-effectively improving mobility.


8F's of High Transit Ridership

Frequent, Familiar, Fares, Fast, Focused, Fun!, Fusion, and Frugal.  Do these eight things to maximize return on investment.


Master Architectures: Rightsizing Regions

See how fast-growing regions can "Plan Ahead" for better outcomes than the American MPO approach typically delivers.

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