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Low-speed, Easy Access Networks (LEAN Networks)

You say you want a revolution?  Don't look to Tesla!  It may be a better way to fuel a freeway machine, but it won't reduce far-flung lifestyles.  What can move us toward walkable?  GOLF CARTS!  They're increasingly stylish - more like tiny cars.  Better batteries provide heating and AC. More than 50% of all trips are less than three miles, but most will never bike due to Climate, Comfort, and Cargo.

Rather than just "bike paths," LEAN networks accommodate four wheel vehicles as long as they are small and are no faster than an ebike.  If we give these paths simple tunnels and bridges to improve safety and reduce stop delay, these can be faster than Teslas stuck in congestion.  They use less land for parking, (more for mixed-use!)

Below are photos from Peachtree, Georgia showing how their LEAN networks are reducing parking lot sizes and energy consumption.  See our article on why your town needs LEAN networks!

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