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Chris Huffman, PE
Access Management Expert, Certified Appraiser
  • Effects of Projects on Real Estate

  • Access Management Strategies

  • System Right-Sizing

Chris does on-call work with Urban Innovators, and in the meantime runs Huffman Corridor Consulting.

  • Corridor Planning / Mgt

  • Access Management and Property Connectivity

  • Right-Sizing of Transportation Facilities

  • Certified Appraiser: Effects of projects on Real Estate Value

  • TRB Committee on Access Management

  • Certified Appraiser, Kansas & Missouri

  • NHI Certified Instructor

  • Kansas Supreme Court Core and Civil Mediator

  • Expert Witness: Acc. Mgt & Real Estate Cases

  • NCHRP 917 Right-Sizing Guidebook Implementation

  • Atlanta Livable Centers Initiative (LCI)

  • NCHRP Access Management efforts

  • Economic & Real Estate Impacts of Transportation Projects

  • B.S.C.E., University of Missouri-Rolla, 1992

  • State Corridor Engineer, Kansas (KDOT)

  • NHI Course Instructor for Acc. Mgt & Real Estate

Specialties of Excellence

Chris served for many years in the Kansas DOT as their Corridor Access Management Engineer and as a certified real estate appraiser tasked with determining the fiscal impacts of potential state action on affected areas.  He has led training courses on Access Management for the National Highway Institute, and served on many NCHRP panels regarding access and real estate value topics.  He is called upon frequently as an Expert Witness in court cases regarding whether or not there is agency liability in accidents involving access design standards.  Chris has led right-sizing and other efforts all across the nation.

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Chris has served on TRB's Access Management Committee (AHB70) and on their Eminent Domain and Land Use committee (AL060).  He was selected by peers as a panel member on seven NCHRP research efforts.  For the SHRP II program, Chris assessed the right-of-way and economic impacts resulting from transportation renewal programs.  For FHWA, Chris procured and analyzed more than 34 million records to examine recovery of residential real estate markets from the 2008 crash and subsequent economic recession. 

Project Examples
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FHWA: Alternative Uses of Right of Way Principal Investigator examining how federal aid acquired real property might be managed, disposed, utilized, or even monetized in compliance with Title 23.  Project completed through Huffman Corridor Consulting.

NCHRP Right-Sizing Transportation Investments, Implementation Playbook:  In association with Metro Analytics, Chris worked with Georgia DOT to develop implementation frameworks for corridor management and right-of-way property management. The right-of-way remnant parcel application is designed to reduce the administrative burden of managing a remnant parcel inventory of over 8,000 parcels and elevate as many of those parcels as possible to their best and highest use.

Atlanta Area Corridors and Livable Centers Initiatives (LCI):  In association with Metro Analytics, Chris helped Fairburn and Sandy Springs with corridor planning and small area traffic management to improve access management, safety, pedestrian experience.  He also advised on actions that could help or hinder the real estate market for mixed-use development.  When transportation is well coordinated with land use, it is possible to maximize real estate value, which in turn can be leveraged, capturing some of the value, to help pay for the right-of-way features that create the value.

Education and History
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  • Bachelor of Science – Civil Engineering, University of Missouri-Rolla, 1992


  • National Highway Institute (NHI) Course #420018A – Instructor Development Course

  • NHI Course #133078 – Access Management, Location, and Design

  • NHI Course #133005C – Highway Capacity and Quality of Flow

  • NHI Course #380032A – Roadside Design Guide

  • NHI Course #137022 – CORSIM Traffic Simulation Model Training

  • NHI Course #152054 – Introduction to Urban Travel Demand Forecasting

  • NHI Course #14205 – Context Sensitive Solutions

  • NHI Course #35005 – Highway Program Financing

  • McTRANS Highay Capacity Manual Update – On-line webinar

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